Braithwaite Suspended Two Games

by Andrew Ross

Lakeland, FL - Following the appeal of a full season suspension as issued by the MASL disciplinary committee, the MASL Commissioner has released a final ruling for the Andre Braithwaite suspension. Braithwaite will be suspended 2 games, serving the suspension on March 10th and March 15th. Braithwaite will also receive one additional penalty point that will be added to the player’s season accumulation. Braithwaite has cooperated with both Club and League policies as it relates to this manner. 

Discipline and Appeal Process Information:

This season our Rules Committee and Full Board initiated a Disciplinary Review Committee. It was determined and voted on that the committee should consist of a former referee, a former player, and an independent MASL contractor. Publicly the committee members shall remain anonymous.

Florida Tropics submitted an appeal within the league guidelines. Appeal decisions are made by the Commissioner who has the ability to reduce or add to the penalty. All reviews of the Commissioner are done de novo and deference to the committee decision is not required.