Tropics, Sonora announce agreement loaning Efrain 'Wilo' Martinez to Soles

by Brian Ackley

LAKELAND,  Fla. – The Florida Tropics today announced an arrangement with Sonora de Soles that will allow Wilo Martinez to dress for Sonora during the remainder of the 2019-20 season.

The Tropics will be loaning Martinez to the Mexican club. Wilo signed with Florida as a free-agent this past summer, but has been unable to dress because he has not received final visa clearance.

Tropics officials indicated that they fully expect Martinez to be a part of the club next season. Per the loan agreement, Martinez can not play in any match against the Tropics, and they can still call him back at any time should the Club choose to do so pending visa approval.

“We want him here. He's very talented player, but given the current situation, the best resolution for everyone – Wilo, the teams, fans and the league – is to agree to this loan,” Tropics Chief Operating Officer Chris Economides said. “He wants to play, of course, and this will allow him to get back on the field to showcase his skills.”

The Tropics will host the Milwaukee Wave Saturday, Dec. 28 at 5:05 p.m. Florida is 5-0 this year, atop the Eastern Conference, but Martinez has not dressed for any of the games.